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'Lilo' - Dog Seatbelt

'Lilo' - Dog Seatbelt

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Prevents distracted driving, while also keeping your pet safe. Storytime! - Sometimes when I am driving with the girls, Lilah tends to want to stand with her feet on the center consul. (sound familiar) In the chance that I would need to slam on my breaks because the person in front of me stopped for a squirrel, I know that in her seatbelt, Lilah is secure in the backseat and not flying through the windshield.

The problem with other dog seatbelts is they were never a cute addition to my backseat. I needed something that is both safe for my pups and a taste of my personality - and I think you'll love them too!


  • Metal adjustable buckle
  • Durable polyester
  • 18"-28" length range
  • 360 degree swivel buckle


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