Hey - I'm Hayley!

I started LiZo Bandana Co back in 2020 in the mist of the pandemic. With a delay in the start of my first full time job post college, I decided to pick up a sewing machine and give it a try. I had always had a passion for dog accessories - I dressed my girls up all the time, so I used the simplest pattern I could find and wallah! Our first dog bandana was created.

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Lilah & Zoe

LiZo Bandana Co is named after my two college pups Lilah Mae & Zoe. I got Lilah Mae my first semester of college at Oklahoma State University. She was a free pup outside of Walmart, so of course I couldn't say no! Zoe joined our little family my senior year of college.

A percentage of every sale is donated to our local shelters and rescues. Click the link below to vote on where LiZo Bandana Co gives next!



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