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Orange Boost Paw Balm Candle

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Are your pups paws dry, cracked, and could maybe need a little TLC?

A paw balm STICK? That's so last year. You want something that not only benefits your pup, but YOU too! 

Let me set the mood - its time for a night in with your best furiend *YAY self-care* Light your paw balm candle as you would your favorite candle from Bath and Body :), as the candle burns move on to that face mask! Once the wax has melted evenly - blow out the candle and apply the warm paw balm to your pups paws. Now its time for you two to lay back, watch your favorite series, and let the balm soak in.

Ingredient: Soy Wax Blend, Essential Oil Fragrance Blends, Coconut Oil, and Natural Vitamins D-3, E, & K-2

Burn time ~ 40 hours

A paw palm candle keeps your pups paws nourished and your house smelling AMAZING! You can even use the wax on your own hands:)